In 1927 in Giza an object was uncovered during an archeological expedition. It was a thirty foot wide circle made from a material no scientist could identify. Along with the circle a plethora of objects and hieroglyphs were found.

To protect it from the threat of the rising power of the Nazis in Europe it was moved to Boston in 1929. There it remained for five years as scientists tried experimenting on it. The information contained in the hieroglyphs remained a mystery as the scholars tried in vain to interpret them.

The project was shut down for an unknown reason and the records were sealed just a few years later.

The New Beginning

In 1993 a young archeological genius by the name of Daniel Jackson is escorted to an underground facility deep under the mountain at NORAD. He was hired to decode an ancient cartouche. In only two weeks he deciphers the cartouche and the meaning of the stargate, mapping out mankind’s first interstellar venture to a planet named Abydos. He and the team of special forces sent with him discover a world full of amazing technology and magic. During a brief struggle they manage to kill an alien who calls himself Ra and free the people of Abydos from his tyrannical rule.


Two years later and Stargate Command has been formed to deal with the threat of the aliens and to explore the galaxy through the device known as the Stargate. It has been discovered that a particular genetic trait is what lets people manipulate the technology of these aliens. The scientists of the SGC are reticent to call the trait anything but the ‘technology gene’, but many of the personnel call it the ‘magic gene’.

Under a guise of a locating possible genetic defects generated from higher than normal solar radiation due to degradation of the ozone, the NSA began testing as many people around the world as possible without raising suspicion. They acquire a list of candidates and begin to recruit them for the SGC.


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