Character Archtypes

Each SG team usually has 4 individuals who are specialists in their field. The roles vary, but can be any of a number of specific archtypes.

They are:

The Commander – Focused for nearly their entire life on military services means tactics, command decisions, strategy and fighting are what they do best. They may also have a surprising capability to weather intrigue and politics thanks to their many years of experience in the military service. *

The Soldier – Strong skills with weapons, tactics and command decisions. Usually the group leader, but not always. Often skilled in variety of services’ weapons, vehicles and capable of using all of them effectively in combat situations. There is overlap between this specialty and The Commander. *

The Scientist – The face man of the group. Generally speaking they specialize in understanding languages, archeology, anthropology, sociology and a plethora of other scientific pursuits. Their job is to keep the team from stepping on too many toes and to act as an advisor to the leader of the team in non-military issues.

The Tech – The guy who figures stuff out technology-wise. He generally is capable of manipulating magic to a certain extent, but his real job is to provide support for the team in terms of fixing, breaking or manipulating alien and mana technology.

The Mage – Focused on magic itself, the mage is capable of manipulating mana tech on the basic levels that no other people can. Often a Magery 3 or above, they are skilled with spells and often have access to understanding the Hidden Lore of the species encountered.

The Genius – This is the one who thinks they are smarter than everyone else. The main problem is that they are usually right about that. The Genius is skilled in multiple disciplines of science and math. They barely know how to hold a gun and are often socially awkward to the point of being crass. There can be a lot of crossover with the Scientist and the Tech, but the Genius is far more focused on intellectual absorption of everything alien. They want to figure out why mana exists on a universal scale and come up with the new Theory of Relativity to explain it.

This is by no means an absolute list of available specialties in the game, but they are the most abundant and applicable.

  • - Note: The Sharpshooter or Designated Marksman (Rifle Skill-17) is likely to be the commander or soldier. The Tech rarely qualifies.

Character Archtypes

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