Weapon stats

Staff Weapon

Dmg 5d(5) burn, Acc 0, Range 40/150, Wt 8, RoF 1, Shots Unlimited, ST 11, Bulk -7 (if user knows Quarterstaff bulk becomes -3), Rcl N/A, LC Not available for common use by personnel. For objects within 10 yards, the wielder who knows quarterstaff at DX+1 gets a plus 1 to hit, for quarterstaff at DX+2 and above they get plus 2 to hit.


Dmg Special, Acc 1, Range 100, Wt 3, RoF 3/special, Shots Unlimited, ST 8, Bulk -3 (-2 folded), Rcl 1, LC Not available for common use by personnel. Also known as ‘Zat Gun’.

Note – Mana-based weaponry is designed to work in normal mana zones. In other levels of mana zone the effects are as follows.

Very High Mana – Staff Weapon (Dmg goes up 3d, Weapon now has Malf 14)
Zat Gun (Affliction is much harder to resist, Weapon now has Malf 14)

High Mana – Staff Weapon (Dmg goes up by 1d, Weapon is Malf 17)
Zat Gun (Affliction slightly harder to resist, Weapon has Malf 17)

Low Mana – Staff Weapon (Dmg stays the same, but RoF drops to 1/3 as the weapon needs to recharge between each shot)
Zat Gun (Affliction much easier to resist, RoF drops to 1).

Standard weapons as appear in GURPS High Tech:*
FN P90 (standard issue main weapon for SG teams)
Beretta 92FS (Standard side arm for SG teams)
Para-Ordinance P-14 (Optional side arm)
H&K MP5 (Optional Main weapon)
Colt M4A1 (Optional main weapon)
H&K G36 (Mission specific/by assignment only)
M249 (Assigned SAW, As FN MINIMI 5.56×45mm NATO)

DMR (M14-based)
Dmg 7d+1 pi Acc 5+2 Range 1200/4200 Wt. 11/1.6 RoF 3 Shots 20+1(3) ST 10 Bulk -5 Rcl 3

  • - Note: Any other weapons will have to be purchased with the player’s starting funds and they will be responsible for acquiring ammunition, and for the upkeep of the weapon.

Weapon stats

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