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  • Military Rank

    The military rank system in the SGC is primarily USAF, but a combination of several different services also serve at the base, including the US Marine Corps and even other nations. As a result the simplification of the military command structure will have …

  • Imbuements

    Imbuements will have the limitation *_Mana Based_* (-10%). As such, the mana levels in the surrounding area will have different effects. * In a no mana zone the imbuements ability will not work. In a low mana zone the skills will be at -5. * In a …

  • Graze Rule

    When a defense roll against a projectile or energy weapon attack is missed by 1 the attack is considered a *graze*. Roll damage normally and total, then divide by 10 and round down (minimum 1 pt of damage).

  • Fatigue Points

    The normal extra fatigue points limit is no more than 30% of your primary attribute, with a perk that allows purchase of up to 50% more (Special Exercises). This has been changed. Characters can purchase 100% more than the primary attribute and the …

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